Gathering strength

This isn’t really about running. It’s about gathering strength while the storm is still raging…
…Training to take part in the London Marathon in my mid 20s taught me a lot of things that I’ve found helpful over the years:
- that you don’t have to believe you can do something in order to do it. You just have to take the actions you would take if you did believe you could, and then you can!
- 26 miles is actually a seemingly impossibly long way
- seemingly impossible things can h…

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24 hours into the crowdfunder

Wow! I am blown away Just 24 hours into the crowdfunder and over £800 has been given already! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed.
There are still some pretty fantastic rewards up for grabs including a personalised illustration by the book's illustration Matthew Wiggans!

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Becoming qualified


When I was 20 I wanted to train as a counsellor. I knew then I wanted to do deep work with people. The person running the counselling course I looked into said ‘Come back when you are 30 and have had some life experience’ so I trained in coaching instead.

I loved it and spent the next 15 years working with a really diverse range of people including young people with the Princes Trust, Chief Execs in charities and even over 100 Senior Pathologists in the NHS.

Yet the pull to do deeper work was …

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I see you


I see you – with the fear in your eyes, the exhaustion, the uncertainty.

I have felt those feelings and know how tough that combination can be.

I can see the pain in your neck, your shoulders, your back, the tension in your body. I have felt pain there in my body too.

I hear the way the tone of your voice has deepened slightly. I know how sadness lowers my voice sometimes too.

The energy it takes to hold it all together. To keep doing your best when it feels like the tide is flowing the othe…

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Yesterday I was filled with rage.

Not enough space for me.

Not enough time.

When will my needs be prioritised?

I could feel the anger surging through my blood like molten lava. The victim in me was in full flow. I don’t go there often but when I do there is a lot of swearing and self-righteousness.

I have realised over these last few months, there is also deep fear.

Fear of being overwhelmed, consumed by my life situation, fear of not being enough in the face of the challenges around me.

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Brotherly love


One of my favourite pictures ever! I had to share!

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What inspired my healing journey?


I remember sitting in a training course on challenging behaviour. It was the first time I had really faced how difficult my daughter’s behaviour could be at times and it was very tough. I remember sitting on the front row, feeling like a rabbit in headlights. I couldn’t quite believe I was sat there. How could this be my life? I learned a lot about how to work with the challenging behaviour which helped me a lot.

Yet, I also had this incredible mixture of emotions: grief, loss, anger, fear, sha…

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Manifesting through challenges


I have a really different perspective on manifestation now. In the past I have really beaten myself up because my life has gone in a drastically different direction to my vision board…Not just slightly off track, but life has decided to take a completely different mode of transport in a random country that I didn’t even recognise!

How have I manifested this? This was so NOT the plan!

Now I appreciate there is a bigger picture that we are not party to. Our lives our inextricably intertwined wit…

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Growing just keeps on happening

Thomas hospital 2

Day 4 of Thomas’s new treatment and so far so good. It’s so lovely to see him happy and playing. He is also growing and developing which is incredible to me under the circumstances!

He said to me the other day that the giants in the film Frozen worried him. This was so incredible to me in so many ways.

It was a word he had not used before. He understood it and used it in a sentence. His singing is also developing, with him singing the vast majority of the words to Old McDonald had a Farm, prog…

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FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy!


I’m really excited to announce that I have qualified in FreeMind rapid Change Therapy, specialising in inner child healing. My case studies were completed with parents who have children who experience the world differently.

It was fascinating to help people explore their values and beliefs, and different past experiences which were having an impact on their current lives and parenting styles.

It amazes me to see how much more capacity people have for parenting when their own internal needs are…

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