Starseed Parenting provides emotional support for parents with children who experience the world differently. This can be as a result of a disability, illness, sensory difference or any other non-standard experience.

Parenting can be an emotional experience at the best of times, and at the worst of times can be incredibly tough. This is a safe space to explore our journey so that we can support our children more effectively.

Starseed Parenting: revolutionising support for parents with unique kids

Whether you are a parent, want to support parents or work with parents, we have an approach that can help you.

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Parenting a child who experiences the world differently can bring up so many emotions:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Not sure where to turn
  • Feel like life has been turned upside down
  • Wonder if this could become a longer term challenge
  • Family and friends not understanding
  • Worried about the future

Parents look for:

  • Some space for themselves
  • Other parents who understand
  • Some practical tools to help right now
  • Support that can genuinely help however things unfold
  • Kindness and appreciation of what they are going through
  • A way forward that can change and develop to suit family needs 

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Gentle space

Being a parent is a journey. It can be really tough at times to support kids with different needs.

Whether it is a disability, sensory difference or just a unique way of behaving, it can be challenging to show up consistently for our children.

This space helps parents to find your way through the mixture of emotions.

From joy and delight to overwhelm, anger and grief, together we can find new ways of looking at our experiences and heal our past so we can show up for our children.