She did it!


She did it! I’m so incredibly proud of her! Performed on a West End stage in front of 500 people!

She did amazingly, getting the coach, being backstage in London all day rehearsing amongst the sets of Phantom of the Opera, performing so beautifully and getting the coach back.

An incredible experience for them all and such powerful memories to draw on… ‘if I can do that I can do anything!’ – yep you can!

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Well obviously it's a...


My favourite picture of the day!

Me: What is it Ali?

Ali: (with a slightly bored tone) Its a slug in a rocket – obviously…!

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Children are magical


Mind blowing conversation with Ellie (8 and a 1/2 years old) this morning:

Ellie: Jason came to see me yesterday

Me: Did he?

Ellie: Yes. He was a strange fly with a long body.

Me: With big wings?

Ellie: Yes.

Me: Any particular colour?

Ellie: Yes he was green

.Me: Sounds like a dragonfly to me.

Ellie: Yes he sat on my lunchbox for a bit and then flew off.

He can shape shift now, you know, mum. He can be whatever he wants to be, just like Maui from the film Moana.

Me: that’s amazing!…Sp…

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