Such a rocky year!

Thomas and percy
So much love to you all. Such a rocky year!

We have had some real positives, like Thomas finishing the year being free from leukaemia. That’s pretty massive!

We have also had some real challenges, like Thomas continuing to have a difficult reaction to the chemo.

I’m hoping we can find a more gentle way through before he finishes treatment in May 2023.

My eldest two are staying with their Dad while Thomas gets on to more of an even keel - I know it is for the best and yet there still aren’t words to describe how tough it is to be 200 miles away from them for an extended period of time. They are safe and loved and that’s good to know.

May you have a peaceful festive season, with those you love, and honouring those you love and you can’t be with for whatever reason.

I look forward to being more available for singing, dancing, meeting up for cuppas and being with all my children in the new year when things are a little more stable for Thomas.

With love to you all xxx


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