What would you pass on to your children?

What would you pass on to your children?
A dear friend asked me this, this morning.
Just four words - no more, no less.
An important legacy?
An impossible task?
To reduce all of the glory of the world
Into just four words?
Yet within each and every word is a window to everything
So perhaps only one word is needed?
And the rest are
An extravagant luxury?
As usual I have more questions than answers
More pondering than confirming
More wondering than certainty
Yet I love the simplicity of a four word legacy
That those four words would be enough
To nourish, encourage, sustain and rejuvenate
That those four words would carry my children through
The most ferocious of storms.
So many possibilities with words
The nuances, the subtleties
Yet what really matters?
What is really important when all is said and done?
Love, kindness, surrender and gentleness were the four I chose
In that moment.
Love for ourselves, for each other, for our Mother Earth, and Father Sky
And everything in between.
Which words will you live and die by?


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