Members Area £5 per month - heartfelt and connecting

This is a unique opportunity to take your healing further within a supportive group of parents who want to explore their healing together.

For just £5 per month you will get:

  • Monthly 60 minute deeply connecting Heart Circle, where we can listening to our own inner whispers and honour each other’s journeys and explore '3 Steps Home' together
  • Weekly healing journal prompt each week to help you focus
  • Private group where we share thoughts, feelings and experiences - all experiences are welcome
  • Simple '3 Steps Home' process to follow that you can adapt to suit your life
  • Discounted and free courses and events
  • Monthly subscription of just £5 per month that you can cancel whenever you want

Members group starts in January 2024

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Starseed Parenting

“Space to explore our own history, our lineage and what we are bringing to our children”

Group course

Starseed Parenting

“Deeply healing – Really supportive, great to share, helpful to listen to your wisdom”

One to one session

From constant overwhelm to healing and joy

 When you are in the middle of a challenge, it feels like no one else understands, and you have no idea how to find a way out. There are ways out, there is support and we are here to help you find the joy in amongst the daily demands.


More connection with yourself


Deeper connection with your child


Meeting others who are having challenges