Gifts from the Heart of the Storm

This magical tale gives some sense of what life can feel like when it is stormy. Every storm is different. It can arrive abruptly with no warning, with life turned upside down in a moment. It can rumble around on the horizon, within sight and threatening for a while before its full force is felt. Sometimes its impact is so powerful, it’s clear that life will never be the same again.

This story is based on actual experiences my clients and I have had on our own personal healing journeys. It contains feelings that have been felt, imaginings that have been seen and experiences of healings that have truly happened. This can happen for you too.

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In the free online version of the book you get several things included:

  • Exclusive healing journal
  • 5 Steps to Emotional First Aid with downloadable worksheets and videos to help you with your wellbeing right now
  • An audio and visual version of the book Gifts from the Heart of the Storm
  • Self-coaching activities to help you take your healing further
  • Community group of other parents who are interested in this work

Wherever you are within your own personal storm, know that this too shall pass and you are loved, always.

With thanks to the Gloucestershire Carer's Legacy Fund for making this version of the book free for all parents and parent carers.

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