Never doubt there are possibilities


Never doubt what your kids can do!

Celebrating Theo Smith, who wrote this:

“I’m Dyslexic & ADHD sat here on a Sunday writing a business book which is now north of 60k words. Anything is possible! When I met my wife at 22 my spelling was terrible. My vocabulary was limited & lacked structure and focus. I couldn’t write properly with a pen, I hold it awkwardly & write very slowly. I had limited options available to me.

I’ve come a long way, and having convinced a woman to marry me, who was an outstanding student both at GCSE, A Level & then during the several degrees and Masters qualifications she aced, is probably still my greatest achievement to date! I have many skills, but having gone to an all speaking Welsh school, coming from an English speaking household, with the additional challenges of at the time being undiagnosed dyslexic & ADHD,

I came out of School & then college with very limited formal qualifications. So to have two wonderful children, an academically brilliant wife (my counterbalance), a degree from Manchester Uni, an awesome job at Zinc Work , & to be publishing a book on #Neurodiversity with the amazing Prof Amanda Kirby is clearly proof that indeed anything is possible.

My so called deficit & disorder sometimes has been a barrier to entry. I can’t say it’s always been easy. But proof you never give up on your dreams!”


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