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Step 1: Creating Space To Think

These are 5 simple steps that help you with your emotional wellbeing right now. I have included them as a bonus to help you with small actions you can take right now to feel better.

Come and take a seat in my rocking chair, with the large, deep red blanket to wrap around yourself, like a big nurturing hug. Perhaps you’d like a mug of hot chocolate to warm your hands and a little foot stool to rest your weary feet. Settle in and make yourself at home.

Have a little wriggle and sink into the right place, really feeling the support from the chair holding your back. Thank you for being here and may you find everything you need.

We are here to give you 5 simple things you can do right now to make you feel better. When you are in the middle of a challenge it can feel like we are stuck in the difficulty, that there is nowhere to turn, and that the difficulty is all there is. Perhaps you feel desperate, overwhelmed, in a state of panic, ready to run or ready to fight. Feelings are exhausting, especially when you feel them regularly. These 5 simple steps help to shift your inner world into a more positive place, so that you can start to see the possibilities, regardless of how tough things are in the outside world.

Step 1: Create Space to Think

Look at your diary over the next week. Sometimes everything feels urgent and yet when you look in more detail there are usually things that can be cancelled or at least delayed until next week or next month.

What could you cancel to give yourself more time and space?

Today I will cancel or delay……………………………………………………………………………

Thoughts, feelings and reflections:

You can write your reflections in your journal.


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