What inspired '3 Steps Home'?


I loved writing my first book Gifts from the Heart of the Storm. It was so helpful for me to have a focus on the process of self-publishing while two of my children were so incredibly unwell. One had leukaemia and one had anorexia.

It was an excruciatingly difficult time for our whole family, and it took every ounce of my knowledge about how to take care of myself to find a way through each day. It also took a tremendous amount of surrender, of letting go and letting God, as there were so many things outside of my control and there was no way of knowing how things would unfold for our family.

As my son struggled with the chemotherapy and my eldest struggled with day to day existence, I found a few key things were most important for me to keep myself as balanced as I could, so that I could support my children to the best of my ability.

I noticed the things that caused me challenges and I noticed what helped. I journalled when I could and one day I saw an advert for a poetry writing competition. The idea was to write 21 pieces of poetry over 21 days, submit them with the possibility of getting them published.

The theme of '3 steps home' had been in my mind for a little while, with connection to myself, connection with all my experiences and connection with the universe feeling so important. I toyed with the idea of entering the competition, and quickly realised that I would prefer to self-publish the end result myself!

So I wrote the titles for each section in one day. They evolved a little, and are pretty similar to the original ones I started out with.

I then wrote a chapter a day for 21 days and within the month the book was finished. Unfortunately, my youngest son became more unwell and I had to let the book plans go for a while. He finished his treatment in May 2023 and took a few more months to start feeling better again. Gradually I have been able to carve some space to focus on the book.

It is currently with the illustrator and I am excited to see how it develops with the pictures alongside the words.

I look forward to sharing it with you and seeing what you think.

Warmest wishes,

Charlie xox


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