The principles behind '3 Steps Home'


The intention of 3 Steps Home is to help people to connect with themselves, connect with their inner child, and to connect with the bigger picture, the universe or Great Spirit - however people describe that.

Whatever is going on, no matter how bad things get, when we connect with fully with ourselves, we are in a better position to respond to what is going on. We can make better choices and we can find new approaches that we may not have been able to explore before.

When we use neuroscience to look at brain development, we find we need a few key questions to be answered positively in order for us to learn, grow and develop:

        1.      Do I make sense? Do my thoughts and feelings and experiences fit with this situation? It could be a family situation, relationship, work, community, cultural, of a country or the global situation.

        2.      Do I matter? Am I important? Am I valued? Am I valuable? Am I loved?

When we can answer yes to both of these questions, we have an opportunity to flourish, even when life is tough and throws us a lot of curve balls.

However, we cannot do this work on our own. We have to be with others who truly see us, who witness our experiences and who validate what we are feeling.

The foundation of the work of 3 steps home is to create a community of people who are interested in helping each other to answer these questions positively, so that we are all supported in our inner journey, which helps us to deal with difficult situations in our outer world.

Magic happens when our need to be witnessed is met. We can share this magic be seeing others. We can learn to empathise with others and learn to receive that empathy ourselves. This is how we break pattern, change our lives and change the lives of others we come into contact with.

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