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Summer Support

On a pay what you can afford basis

Summer holidays are not always as straightforward for us parents with children who experience the world differently.

The holidays can feel tough, with more time to fill, feeling longer when things are challenging.

I’ve been feeling into what would be helpful for parents this summer, as well as what is actually possible for me to coordinate over the summer, considering my own children have some pretty intensive needs themselves.

Based on work I have been doing with parents the following key themes have come up:

  1. Feeling walked all over and not standing up for yourself
  2. Giving away your personal power
  3. Struggling with being both good cop and bad cop
  4. Getting overwhelmed
  5. Other relationships being negatively affected
  6. Parenting guilt, blame and shame

So I’m going to hold space for 6 weeks of support over the holiday which will include the following weekly themes:

  1. Introduction to boundaries, including creating safe space
  2. Stepping into your personal power
  3. Being on the same side as your child
  4. Returning to balance
  5. Healing other relationships
  6. Embracing all of your parenting journey

By the end of the summer you will:

  1. Identify where your boundaries are strong and where they need more attention
  2. Know the signs of giving away your personal power, and what to do about it
  3. Use your intuition to connect more deeply with your child in a way that suits them
  4. Try 3 strategies for calming your nervous system
  5. Understand what the important people in your life need and explore how to get those needs met
  6. Start to look at different parts of your experiences through loving eyes

Each week will include:

  • Short video on the topic
  • Short guided meditation
  • Space for Q&A

The 6 weeks will include:

  • one face to face heart circle
  • one online heart circle over the summer
  • private Facebook group and Telegram group for discussions
  • heart based guided reflection to support your connection with yourself and your child

Cost: the recommended donation for the course is £42 (just £1 per day). However, you can donate more or less depending on your own circumstances. All funds are used to support parents with children who experience the world differently.

When: 25th July to 4th September

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Know someone who may benefit? Invite them to join in too! It’ll be lovely for you and for them!

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