Introducing Emotional First Aid Course


I’m really excited to be launching my first course in nearly 2 years!

This has been a long time in the planning and organising. I’d love to know what you think!

  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Finding day to day parenting a challenge?
  • Been through a difficult time or still in the middle of it and not sure where to turn?

This is the start of your healing journey, giving you all the tools and support you need to stop the chaos and start living with peace, power and purpose.

This course will give you:

  • a fresh perspective on your current situation
  • nurturing space alongside people who understand
  • new approaches to help you reduce stress whatever is going on
  • tools you can use for the rest of your life and teach your kids to help them manage their emotions


  • Emotional first aid kit
  • Personalised resilience assessment
  • Private Facebook group to share learning and experiences
  • 30 day healing journal
  • 6 x 60 min sharing circle with guided meditations
  • 6 x 15 min Facebook live Q&A sessions
  • A rest week in the middle of the course to nourish yourself
  • Access to online resources to support your learning
  • Self-coaching toolkit

Topics include:

  • creating space
  • calming your body
  • connecting with your community
  • creating a nourishing routine
  • next steps

This course is run online over 7 weeks. It starts on Tuesday 10th May at 1pm.

Live sessions take place every Tuesday from 1pm until 2pm GMT, are on zoom and recorded for you to listen to in your own time.

Facebook Live Q&A sessions happen every Friday at 1pm.

The course is open to everyone, with the intention of supporting parents with children who experience the world differently.

Cost: £49

Includes Emotional First Aid Kit:

  • notepad and pencil for doodles, journaling, gratitude, ranting
  • Calming lavender to relax you
  • Rose quartz heart to remind you that you are always loved
  • A star to remind you we all have a sacred spark within us that needs to be nurtured
  • A miniature doll which can represent your own child or your inner child
  • An elastic band to remind you how vital boundaries are
  • Night time tea to support your sleep
  • Made with love

One to one coaching and mentoring available as an added extra. Special offer for up to 6 people: purchase 3 x 90 min coaching sessions and get the whole course free - £450 reduced from £599

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