Manifesting through challenges


I have a really different perspective on manifestation now. In the past I have really beaten myself up because my life has gone in a drastically different direction to my vision board…Not just slightly off track, but life has decided to take a completely different mode of transport in a random country that I didn’t even recognise!

How have I manifested this? This was so NOT the plan!

Now I appreciate there is a bigger picture that we are not party to. Our lives our inextricably intertwined with other people’s lives and ‘what we want’ is a very individualistic way of looking at manifesting. Much of the law of attraction stuff I see is massively attached to outcomes, many of which we have no control over.

So where does this leave us?

We are not broken.

We are not victims of our past experiences.

We are here present right now.

The only thing we actually have control over is our action in this moment.

What do we choose to do with this precious moment?

And this one?

And this one?

That’s it.

The next appropriate action is all we need to explore from a manifesting perspective.

We have incredible abundance. We have food, water, air to breathe, warmth, nature. There is so much manifesting in every moment.

When we can appreciate what is here and understand our co-creation with the universe (not manipulation of it which some of the LOA feels like) we can relax and allow things to unfold for our highest good.

It may not match our vision board. It may not be the life we expect. Yet it is all unfolding beautifully and with far more wisdom than we could even begin to piece together from our limited perspective.

Warmest wishes! Xxx

Photo: Some bluebells I stumbled across last week which really made me smile, right in the centre of Bristol! Life just sprouts up at every possible, and sometimes seemingly impossible, opportunity!


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