Life can change in an instant

Thomas hospital 3

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks, starting at home on Thursday 4th March at home with an ambulance to Gloucester, the confirmation of Thomas’s leukaemia on the Friday morning and transferring to Bristol Children’s Hospital to start chemotherapy the same day.

He has done so well with treatment so far, which is full on by anyone’s standards. We are in the best possible place and the Drs and nurses are so on the ball with both Down Syndrome and Leukemia which is awesome. I’m so impressed and reassured.

We’ll have more details at the end of our month here about what the next steps in his treatment will be.

Thank you to everyone who took part in my research for Starseed school. I will be continuing with that when the time is right as I feel support for parents with unique is so important – whatever life throws at us!

And thank you to everyone who is supporting my family at the moment! It has been amazing to see how people have been able to support Ellie and Ali while Thomas and I are away, which again is so reassuring for me.

Warmest wishes all! Xxx


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