Being in the eye of the storm

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Being in the eye of the storm feels really tough. Disorientating, panic, uncertainty, fear, a swirling groundlessness.

Even after the storm has passed, there can be fall out, debris, perhaps things feel broken and it’s difficult to see how life can be put back together.

There is shock, why me and a whole host of competing emotions that we often have to push away just to get through the day.

My experiences with parenting my own kids who have vastly different ways of being in the world, vastly different needs simultaneously has felt like being in the eye of that storm at times, and sometimes has felt like looking out over the debris left behind. One of my kids having autism and one having Down Syndrome bring incredible joy to my life, and also a range of challenges in practical terms and emotionally.

I have learned a lot about my own healing and what I can do on a daily basis to help me to bring myself in from the cold, wrap myself in a cosy blanket and give myself a large hot chocolate, sometimes literally!

I’d love to share what I have learned with other parents in similar situations and am designing some support at the moment.I’d love to know what would help you. If you could take a moment to let me know what help you would like, I’d be so very grateful. It will help so many parents and in turn help so many kids. When us parents are feeling nurtured, we can offer so much more nurturing to our kids, whatever is going on for them.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

Warmest wishes!


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